Fields of application


Schools   Hospitals and clinics   Production data
Many schools are changing to display systems to publish their substitute schedule. The old-fashioned way of using paper schedules just doesn’t seem contemporary anymore since it involves a lot of time and effort. Once a schedule changes, copies need to be made and distributed throughout the building. A display system with central controls can offer a cost-efficient solution. Changes are being made at the office and displayed throughout the entire school on various, strategically chosen monitors.   One of the most classic applications for digital signage is TV in hospitals and clinics. The contents are being directly transmitted by the editor to the TV monitors in the patient’s room by way of the in-house intranet. Those contents often show meal plans, webcam images, schedule and event information, corporate films and the like. Even live broadcasts are possible whereas a camera crew transmits the images and sounds to the screens in the patient’s rooms.   The common way of displaying production data on whiteboards with marker or chalk are a matter of the past. The large viewing angle and high luminosity ensure optimum display of the needed information for the broad visualization of production data throughout the production site. For example, information about the target and current state, actual number of units or – in an emergency – warning notices about disturbances or dysfunctions may be reflected immediately.
Shopping malls   Well-visited locations   Further typical applications
Digital signage systems are being used more and more in shopping centers and malls. Such retail centers are just like department stores the predestined example for the application of digital signage. From the introduction of new products, “what is where”, info boards, commercial advertisments of local retailers or their suppliers to announcing events and house advertising – combined with effective promotion, the time on the escalator, in the elevator or on the way to the desired department, time will be spent in an entertaining way.   Publishers especially use digital signage to advertise in wellvisited locations such as the gym or banks, because they can be precisely adapted to the respective target group. A combination of event announcements, local weather information and news promises to achieve greater attention with customers than a purely static advertising display.   Digital signage is increasingly being used in public places or installations. Whether it is being applied as digital posters and bills or electronic tickers – In train stations and at airports they are already being used for the electronic display of arrival and departure times and delays. In hotels, hypermarket and stores digital signage is being applied on a more frequent basis (Instore TV) as well as in the corporate field, in-house marketing or for product information in workshops.