Who we are

Since 2008 WEWA AG specializes in the development, design and production of
touchscreen monitors and touchscreen PCs

As of June 2013 we are establishing our new WEWA-TV product line regarding innovative touchscreen solutions. Comprehensively, we were able to reach improvements in technology and increase efficiency in regards to development and lead times. After years of experience in the business of providing touchscreen solutions, POS systems and customized projects for thousands of customers and clients we know the components necessary to support any enterprise in pursuing and obtaining her business objective.   By working closely with our clients, high
quality standards and product-specific
know-how we now offer a variety of high-quality touchscreen solutions at reasonable prices.
Together, we realize custom-tailored fast individual solutions to fulfill and meet your project
requirements and goals.
Due to the variety and complexity of our business activities, we are able to implement just about all project types in a timely manner for you.


Individual touchscreen solutions

Together with our distribution partners we gladly realize
customized touchscreen solutions on-site for you.
Based on our technical expertise, which contains high
in-house production depth and numerous in-house
developments, we are able to convert customer-specified
requirements promptly and to finalize individual touchscreen
solutions which we implement on-site in cooperation with our
distribution partners. Any costs related to necessary test
samples will be calculated according to development efforts.
Aside from our standard touch technology (resistive
technology) we are able to resort to alternative systems if
necessary or required. Our RMA, customer service and
support are being managed and processed in Bochum.
High MTBF periods of 50.000 hours may also be agreed
upon as are high protection classes (e.g. IP65) and
vandalism-proof devices. Certifications and needed medical
licenses, TÜV/GM and CE as well as EN-60601 certifications
can be obtained for project business.


Developing individual touchscreen solutions for you


Our customers

Our list of references contains many notable brands among others:.

Agfa Fraunhofer Institut Sachs AG
Axel Springer Hurricane Fernsehproduktion Saturn
Bayer AG IHK Siemens
BAVARIA Film-Studios Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt Sony
Fröhlich + Walter Kraus Maffei Subway
Continental Max-Planck-Institut Telekom
EADS Media Markt T-Systems
EDEKA Panasonic ThyssenKrupp
ELV Porsche Viessmann
ESPRIT Ringfoto …und viele weitere zufriedene Kunden!


Our development and quality guidelines

With strong development teams in Germany, Taiwan and China we
offer high development skills. Our products are leading in technology
and quality.

Aside from the ISO certification of all plants according to
DIN 9000/9001/9004/19011:2000, the German quality management
team ensures a continuous premium quality of our products.

Each touchscreen monitor, each touchscreen PC is being tested and
tried multiple times during the production process to warrant functionality
and is being delivered in compliance with the highest standards.

Developing individual touchscreen solutions for you


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